Streaming Sessions DJ

During the pandemic lockdown in Dubai, I learned how to use OBS, VMIX, advanced NDI management and everything related to streaming online to perform the technical side of the 7 sessions, with the record label 2THUNDERSDUBAI and the spanish collective HardPerformances.
We used the NDI BIRDDOG P200, 1 GOPRO3+, 1 chineese GOPRO copy, RESOLUME and OBS, 1 video capture card Blackmagick Design Shuttle USB, a low cost HDMI video capture card and a ROG STRIX SCAR II laptop. We used also some par leds, to try to bring some light in the room (strong sun on the backside).
The PTZ control of the BIRDDOG camera was done with a gaming joystick.
The scenery was Marina in Dubai.


I developed the light and screens design, based on a third party concept. I handled the lights operation and the technical management of the event.
In the main stage we used around 650 clamps to attach the screens to the different truss structures. The screens were attached to pipes and later those pipes attached to trusses acting as a spinal cord. Later they were pulled up with hoists.
Around 148 fixtures were used (beams, wash, spots, city colors…). Not including lasers and flames effects that were rented.
For control we used Avolites Quartz plus wing, and 3 Madrix Luna 8 to spread the signal with ArtNet to 3 different main areas.

Can’t remember the amount of coffee…



They have 2 big masks in white backround and they want to project video on them, so they asked for a permanent video mapping installation (but to remove on summer time).
We achieved 2 units 10K lumens videoprojectors, made the outdoor enclosure for the video projectors, and mapped the masks with Resolume Arena 6.
Pending to add filters to the enclosures to avoid dust and salt go inside. Are the first ones we did, so now we know how ūüôā

Technical details:
– Video projectors SINOSAL PL-39
– Matrox Triple Head
– Video extender ATEN VE600A





Club, Karaoke, live events and restaurant show venue.¬† Mainly targeted for russian customers, venue hosted artists such Olga Buzova, MOT, Monatik, Philipp¬†Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov,¬†Gradusi, Ivanuski International, Artur Pirozhkov, Natan, Artik & Asti, Mystical, Geegun, Eldzhey Allj, Timur Rodriguez, Valeria, Anita Tsoy, MC Doni…

Taking care of the lights with Chamsys and Madrix, and visuals (Resolume). Also sound for DJ guests and stage sound setup.



Billionaire Mansion Dubai, a concept from Flavio Briatore, it’s an entertainment venue that offers fine dinning experiences with live cabaret shows, and almost daily club operation. Names such Wyclef Jean, Timati, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclair, Sebastian Gamboa, or even Andrea Bocelli stepped on the place to perform.

Working as AV specialist, I’m taking care of the lights, visuals and also sound for the dj’s and some performers.