Streaming Sessions DJ

During the pandemic lockdown in Dubai, I learned how to use OBS, VMIX, advanced NDI management and everything related to streaming online to perform the technical side of the 7 sessions, with the record label 2THUNDERSDUBAI and the spanish collective HardPerformances.
We used the NDI BIRDDOG P200, 1 GOPRO3+, 1 chineese GOPRO copy, RESOLUME and OBS, 1 video capture card Blackmagick Design Shuttle USB, a low cost HDMI video capture card and a ROG STRIX SCAR II laptop. We used also some par leds, to try to bring some light in the room (strong sun on the backside).
The PTZ control of the BIRDDOG camera was done with a gaming joystick.
The scenery was Marina in Dubai.