Club, Karaoke, live events and restaurant show venue.  Mainly targeted for russian customers, venue hosted artists such Olga Buzova, MOT, Monatik, Philipp Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Gradusi, Ivanuski International, Artur Pirozhkov, Natan, Artik & Asti, Mystical, Geegun, Eldzhey Allj, Timur Rodriguez, Valeria, Anita Tsoy, MC Doni…

Taking care of the lights with Chamsys and Madrix, and visuals (Resolume). Also sound for DJ guests and stage sound setup.


Mapping at La Leche Festival Barcelona (Matinée Group), at Razzmatazz

Last 31/03/2013.

Parallel at Paris event, Barcelona was the central party of La Leche. We prepared a special mapping show with 12 giant cubes.
I could not be there because I was in Paris, so all hard job was done by our mates (Jacob Rouba, Axel Filgueira).
Congratulations for everyone!

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