Workshop: mining and data visualization


Workshop: mining and data visualization at Telenoika.

Last week we assist at this data mining workshop teached by Oscar Marín.

Oscar Marín is a telecommunication engineer by the UPM with 13 years of professional experience in software development, and 11 years of professional experience in data engineering. Now he is working as data engineer with Outliers (, with customers such as TV3, Telefonica Digital, Havas Media, and Bitext.

The workshop was very interesting and there we meet also people from Barcelona TV.

We are waiting for more Telenoika workshops!!!

Mapping at People club, Dubai.

Mapping at People club, Dubai.

A double mapping installation.

A Diamond like in Beirut. Mapped wit 2 lateral projectors.
A central screen mapped also wit 2 projectors, but splitting the screen due to the difficult view angles.

Running with 2 PC laptops and Resolume software.
Laptops linked wit ethernet midi, so playing on master laptop, the slave laptop makes the same and shows the same content as the laptop master.


Dj Booth projection area with 2 projectors. Due to the angle views, each projector mapped some parts of the screen. Here you can view the image area of the right side projector.

The installation of the diamond.

Mapping at Pier 7, Beirut

Short capture, filming and playing mapping at same time, a little difficult…
A big wood rhombus with metal structure inside, with 2 projectors mitsubishi XD-700U 5000 lumens.
Every projector maps 2 faces of the total of four.
In the image we see one face from left and one face from right. The other two faces are at the back.
Some electric problems in Beirut, so one projection afected for electric noise…
Mapped wth Resolume Arena on a Windows laptop.

Photographic Session at Step By Step Foundation

Electroguepard collaborates for free at Step By Step Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the recovery of people suffering from neurological disease affecting the central nervous system, especially in the case of spinal cord injuries and stroke victims.

We made photos for their advertising brochures.

(Publication of images attached to Step By Step decision, not shown here)

Mapping at La Leche Festival Barcelona (Matinée Group), at Razzmatazz

Last 31/03/2013.

Parallel at Paris event, Barcelona was the central party of La Leche. We prepared a special mapping show with 12 giant cubes.
I could not be there because I was in Paris, so all hard job was done by our mates (Jacob Rouba, Axel Filgueira).
Congratulations for everyone!