Club, Karaoke, live events and restaurant show venue.  Mainly targeted for russian customers, venue hosted artists such Olga Buzova, MOT, Monatik, Philipp Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Gradusi, Ivanuski International, Artur Pirozhkov, Natan, Artik & Asti, Mystical, Geegun, Eldzhey Allj, Timur Rodriguez, Valeria, Anita Tsoy, MC Doni…

Taking care of the lights with Chamsys and Madrix, and visuals (Resolume). Also sound for DJ guests and stage sound setup.


Mapping at Pier 7, Beirut

Short capture, filming and playing mapping at same time, a little difficult…
A big wood rhombus with metal structure inside, with 2 projectors mitsubishi XD-700U 5000 lumens.
Every projector maps 2 faces of the total of four.
In the image we see one face from left and one face from right. The other two faces are at the back.
Some electric problems in Beirut, so one projection afected for electric noise…
Mapped wth Resolume Arena on a Windows laptop.